365 Days of Ade
365 Days of Ade
Chasing memories, degrees, joy and chai tea.


Noun | Ah - Day 

Adesuwa to all, Ade to most.

A twenty year old English Major trying to make her way through life while taking it one day at a time. The age twenty always seems to have a catch, but I plan on pitching the perfect ball. 

Who said the twenties have to be terrible? 

After denouncing materialism (except for the few exceptions where an online sale catches my eye), my goal for 2017 is to chase memories, degrees, joy, and chai tea.   This blog will serve as my dumping ground and sanity intertwined. A place to archive all of my adventures, while ranting about any topic that's seized my thoughts.

My interests include finding bomb tea flavors, surfing the web, cooking, browsing shoe-sites I can't afford, and always, always giving my unsolicited advice. When I'm not talking someone's head off or polluting a timeline, you can find me exploring whatever city I'm in for yummy tastes, picture perfect views, and anything else under the sun.  Hope you enjoy. 365 to Infinity.  



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