Questions to ask yourself: 

Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I disappointed?  At what, in whom, is it me?

What makes me happy? What should? What influences my emotions? Is this a good thing or bad thing? 

What do I actually want? What do I not want? 

How do I feel? 

Do I like my surroundings? Do I want change? 

Are my friends really friends or spacefillers? 

Who checks on me? Who doesn't? 

Who cheers for me? Who is quiet? 

Are people really there for me the way that I am there for them?

Am I pouring into those who wouldn't spare a drop? 

How do I allow people to treat me? Why? Will this remain the same? 

Am I right spiritually? physically? emotionally? mentally? Why? Why not?

What do I hope for? 

What can I do to be the best version of me, for me?