Spelman Archives has become my new haven. The history that oozes from their walls entices me. What I like about the Archives is that I cannot get bored. If I was ever to get bored, it would be self-inflicted. There's an abundance of things to get into. Sure the clerical part is tedious and a tad bit annoying, but what one can uncover erases those annoyances. 

I'm still on the quest of figuring out my dream career but I know that archives will definitely be a part of it. With whatever I do, I want to make an impact. I'm not the person that wants to be written into American history. Let's be real, American history has never loved the black woman. Therefore, the only involvement I'd like to have with history, is preserving it. 

I'd like to keep the narratives of blackness alive. I want OUR history to always be remembered. I want it to be accessible. I can and will do it. 

As a part of the Spelman Archives, I plan on keeping the history of Spelman relevant. I'm excited to learn more about my institution's history while encouraging my siblings to do the same.