Accomplishing goals that you've set for yourself feels so so so good. 


I'll admit it. I have a problem. 

I'm one of those people who will completely ignore their financial standing to pursue something they want. Food despite the fact that I've already eaten? Yup. Clothes I don't need? Thrown in the bag. Copping books in excess amounts that I can't humanly read at once? Sounds like Ade.

My spending habits have often put me in predicaments that I'm not very proud of. Running up my credit card after my father has just paid it off, blowing the 4 grand I earned at an internship..... absolutely terrible. I think that my impulsive spending comes from my fear of having things taken away. It's a weird fear in the sense that I I enjoy having things and will obtain them especially when thinking that they won't be there again. These ignorant decisions have resulted in me calling my father frantically for help or just going a week without having more than $20. 

This toxic, self-sabotaging behavior had to stop. In my planning for this splendid year of seventeen, I decided that it was time for me to grow the fuck up. I'd watch Youtube videos with people a few years older than me purchasing their own homes, new cars, going on trips abroad. I wanted that for myself. With that being said, I started this year with the goal of finding financial stability. No more wylin' out. These words are going to appear frequently on this blog and I mean them, 20 is going to be my year of stepping into maturity. 

I've written down financial goals that I'd like to achieve and plans for execution. 

So far, so so so good. 

Yesterday, I opened up my very own checkings account. I know y'all are probably like "sis, wyd??? why didn't you already have one?" but the fact of the matter is that I was completely too immature for one before this year. My spending habits vs. overdraft fees wouldn't stand a chance. Despite my past, I opened up the account and deposited funds that I had (proudly) been saving. Leaving the bank, I felt beyond mature. I guess that's what adulthood feels like, although this is just the beginning. 

After my appointment with the bank, I went home and paid off a partial amount on my balance for school. Far too often am I guilty of being the Late Lisa. It's time for Lisa to kick bricks. I'm striving to have everything taken care of early. You know what they say, to be late is simply unacceptable.  

I'm really proud of myself and can't wait to see what I'll accomplish financially this year. I know the temptation of splurging will appear, but I just can't give in. It's all about the bigger picture and knowing that I'm not being a burden to my parents who already do so so so so much for me. 

Some of my goals include: 

  • Finding multiple sources of revenue to increase my wealth. (work work work work work work)
  • Depositing money into my savings account every pay period. 
  • :earning the trade of investing and stocks, eventually investing in a credible brand. 
  • Limiting myself to two meal dates a month. As a foodie this'll be hard because I'm ready to drop my coins wherever but whatever. 
  • Becoming the father from Everybody Hates Chris (HA!)

It's officially secure the bag szn y'all!