Adesuwa Joseph


Adesuwa Joseph

There is power in prayer. 

This 3rd post is really just to highlight how amazing prayer is. 

Yesterday, January 3rd, my best friend Jazmine got the position she had been working so so soooooo hard for: Captain of Morehouse College's Mahogany N' Motion Dance Team!  


A little background about Jazmine if you're unfamiliar with her. Dance is her entire life. She's one of the best, if not greatest, dancers I've ever met and watched. She puts her heart and soul into every routine. Like seriously, I've seen this girl learn choreography in a day and kill it the next because she's just that great. 

I could got into depth about the story behind this amazing, amazing opportunity but it's simply not my testimony to give. All I can continue to say is that prayer works and it is more powerful than we can ever grasp. There were days when Jazzy ( my favorite nickname for her ) would be down on herself for how much she loved dance, but when God gives you a gift you use it.

To the average person who doesn't care much about art or forms of expression, you're probably rolling your eyes at the way I describe dance for my best friend. I challenge you to find your own form and flourish, you may find therapy through it. There were days where we were all going through what seemed like hell on earth. We prayed and prayed and prayed.  God listens and he heals and leads us to brighter days. As we prepare to finish the second-to-last week of break, I can't help but think back on the days that I would tell Jazmine to go dance. Feeling sad? Dance. Feeling confused? Dance. And that she did. I'm so incredibly proud of her and more than grateful to be able to watch her journey. I am thankful for her friendship and our sisterhood......... okay, that's enough of Sappy Ade.

She'll probably send me 194477384 gifs after seeing this. 

To anyone out there struggling with ANYTHING, prayer works. It is powerful. I will say this again and again and again. We talk about speaking things into existence, well that's exactly the case when talking to God.  If you have trouble with praying, whip out a notebook or even a simple piece of paper and write your thoughts out to him. He hears you and he's going to work through you. Keep the faith and trust the process, good things are coming. *