You ever realize that things have been distracting you solely to throw you off of your path and plan? Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't because of timing, coincidence, or "karma"..... it was all a pop quiz from God.

For today's post I wanted to share the message I received from Impact Church on this splendid day. 

Who or what is blocking your promise, dream, and vision? 

God is on your side, ALWAYS. Don't wait on anyone else. Don't allow anyone to hinder you.

Be a developer, not a dweller. Accept that it's okay for you to not dwell in what you've developed. 

Strive to be remarkable. 

Yes problems are great, but our visions are GREATER

This word was much needed today, as I prepare to go into a new week. This past week has tested my faith, my morals, and much more. Through it all, I realized that I was allowing myself to get distracted from the goals I had set for myself this semester. From allowing myself to get enamored with a completely random person, sharing a part of myself with him, and then allowing myself to temporarily fall into a state of frenzy over nothing....... distractions rang high. No bad feelings towards him, but I know that at this moment in time, it's vital that I remain happy with myself. It's crazy how you can spend such a long time building up confidence and positive self esteem, just to have it all tossed out of the window because you valued attention a bit more.  I can't allow myself to put others over myself. I matter. 

While it's true that I may not be able to kiss myself or hug myself, I'd rather be by myself than be in a situation that makes me question my worth and sanity. I'd rather be by myself than stressing over someone's response or lack thereof. It's not me. It's not right. It's nothing that I want for myself. 

I don't regret losing my virginity, but I do regret temporary letting go of my sanity and goals. 

Moving forward, I know that it is easy for me to get distracted, but like the word said I cannot allow myself to be hindered. Problems will arise but the vision is greater, so much greater.  

I have way too many goals that I want to accomplish to be stuck on stupid. To be playing a game of fetch, or hell, catch. There's far too much to be done. I have an entire tribe behind me to put on for. I owe them excellence and nothing less.