I'm the President of the I Hate Men Club but also Chair of InTheShowerAsSoonAsThatComeThruTextArrives. 

'They Must Die' Spirit Leader but also the 'Wants to be Up Under Him' VP. 

Why do we love or like someone?

Why is it easy to get hooked on someone's being? 

Why is it so easy to fall for someone? 

Then more questions come, 

Do I even like the person? Do I like what they can do? Do I like what their actions cause me to feel? Am I really just in love with the idea of skin on skin? Kissing? Touching? 

Are these things I prefer over conversation and other forms of speech? If so why? 

Can I ever interact with the opposite sex normally? 

Are escapades my love language? Physical touch is for sure, but it's also the root of 99% of my romantic problems. 

Whatever the answers may be to these questions, I can't help but feeling overwhelmed by myself, my actions, others, their actions, words and lust.