On Opportunity:

When opportunity knocks, you answer the door. I don’t care how afraid you are, just take a deep breath and let the door swing wide open. You never know what other doors are waiting from there.

In no way, shape, or form am I trying to insinuate that I’m the most opportune person…. rather, one who knows how to make things line up in the way that I want to see them fall. 

I haven’t always been this way. If an email with an opportunity came, I’d immediately ignore it, instantly writing myself off as a candidate. I allowed my insecurities to prevent me from experiences that could have been monumental across the board. If you find yourself identifying with this way of thinking, I’m hear to tell you that enough is enough. 


You cannot go your entire life denying yourself from great things. So what you think other people are more qualified! They’re not you. Every single person on planet Earth has something different and unique to contribute. Why not offer yours? 

A no doesn’t mean never. 

A no only means not right now. 

Take a deep breath. You and I both have got this. Trust the process and respect timing.