It's wild to think that President Obama is now, simply, Obama. This country really allowed Trump into office and I'm disgusted. I know that many of my peers have been crying and torn up all day. I've decided to completely ignore the change of power and continue on with my academic life. That's a bright side to Spelman. Campus engulfs you to where you forget that the outside world even exists. I pray that God will deliver us all from this travesty. 

On another note,

Mario's Mario album is a work of art. I'm ashamed that I never listened to it before today. Nonetheless, it's quickly became the soundtrack of my happiness. Despite the Inauguration, today has been a great day and it's not even finished yet. 

So many things have made me happy. Being prepared for class, being able to participate in class discussions, seeing friends, eating good food. ALLLLLL that. Positivity, denim, and yellow nails are going to carry me through.