If you haven't been able to tell by now, I love a good list. 

Therefore on this 19th day of January, I've decided to compose a list of 19 things that have been on my mind. These things are completely random, some related, some not. 

  1. Tofu is disgusting. I appreciate the fact that it serves as a protein substitute for meat, but the texture is horrifying and gag worthy. 
  2. Scheduling classes back to back is a test of my faith. Prayers welcomed. 
  3. Just because it sounds nice does not mean that it is nice. 
  4. Those who have good words don't always have good intentions. 
  5. Spelman's POD market is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that I can get healthy juices and snacks. A curse because my dining dollars are absolutely going to vanish. 
  6. I pray that a research topic falls into my mind and heart. A phD just seems so appealing.
  7. Actions mean more than words. Words are still very telling though. 
  8. Fake friends...... I don't want them. 
  9. God always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. It's time that I stop trying to figure him out and just follow his lead.
  10. Being a vegetarian/pescatarian in college is just as trying as the workload.
  11. Insomnia Cookies are the devil. A delicious one.
  12. Water is important. Water is my friend. I shouldn't allow myself to be so occupied that I forget to take a sip. 
  13. I'm beautiful and worthy of great things.
  14. Teachers are human too. Respect that, but don't allow any funny business.
  15. Good music = greater vibes
  16. Getting out of your comfort zone is going to be uncomfortable. That's okay.
  17. Veggie Patties from Subway are a hell no. Your stomach deserves better.
  18. Great things are in store. 
  19. If you want something, go get it.