Twas the night before Spring Semester and all through my dorm..... you can smell tea tree, shea butter, hope, anxiety, and happy nerves. 

Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I feel everything at once. 

I feel excited about learning new information, excited about meeting new classmates and professors. I'm excited about new opportunities, new experiences, new laughs, new cries. 

I'm anxious about what the future holds. Semesters are always filled with twists and turns, some good, some bad. I just hope that mine is filled with pure goodness. 

Coming into the semester, I feel happy. That I can definitely say confidently. I've decided to leave all baggage from last semester in exactly that, last semester. Phony and questionable friendships in the trash. Negative sources hashed out. ALLLLLL that. 

This semester I invite genuine people into my life. Positivity. Laughter. Constructive criticism, rather than someone solely seeking to put me down. 

 This semester I would like to continue to pursue my goal of magna cum laude. I know that it's achievable, I dead just have to keep at it. Period. 

Merry Spring Semester Eve * !