"If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." - Maria Edgeworth

I can always count on Goodreads to start my day off with a necessary quote. After what seemed like a year of waiting (HA), 2017 has finally arrived! In theory, nothing much has changed. I woke up in the same bed, with the same pesky pimple, and the heat on full force. Despite this stagnancy, I can already feel an inner push to get moving, to start working, to start creating, to start saving..... basically to start today with accomplishing everything that I'd like to see for myself. It starts with this. Consistency is one of my biggest enemies. I find myself intrigued by something, making a note to pursue it, and then..... nothing. Sometimes I feel like this occurs because I find interest in so many things at once. It can be hard to juggle starting four challenges, reading five books, and becoming a bomb afro-vegetarian at once. Therefore one of my biggest goals to accomplish within this new year is consistency. With 365 Days of Ade, I want to have a post to represent every day of the year. While I know that it may be impossible for me to sit down and push out a blog post every single day, I know that I can accomplish the task of having every day accounted for. 

I recently came across the Healing for the People Instagram page, where they started off the New Years with a journal post for followers. The topic was: What is your theme for 2017? I like this question because themes are trulllllly easier to remember than a list of resolutions. My theme is: Achieving Greatness (mentally, physically, financially, academically, and spiritually).

Some other things I'd like to accomplish this year include: learning and implementing self discipline, ceasing my reoccurring self-sabotage, regaining my flexibility through wellness and yoga, writing more (whether it be blog posts, articles, stories), losing weight for me and not for appeasing anyone's desires, adopting and staying strict with a vegetarian diet, getting right spiritually, and maintaining friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. While there is so much more that I'd also like to accomplish, these things are the catalysts for the rest to come. 

For those of you who will be keeping up with this blog, firstly thank you. Thank you for clicking into my journey. I hope that as I use this platform to grow and express myself, that you're inspired to do the same. I hope that everything you've spoken on for 2017 will manifest, root, and flourish. 

Here's another Goodreads gem to start us all off: 

May this year be a great one! 

Mottos for 2017: 

Why the hell not? 

Make it happen!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Great things happen when you take the course of your life into your own hands!

My 2017 Color: 

YELLOW. Why? Because it's bright. It represents optimism. It's a reminder to keep smiling. A reminder that brighter days are possible and in store. 

My 2017 Staples: 

A bomb red lip. My favorite is Bawse Lady by The Lip Bar. 

My Happiness Planner. Self-explanatory. My happiness is a priority. 

The Calm App. I use it for focusing and sleeping. It's amazing. 

Headspace.  for Meditation. 

Gmail and other google related apps. You can't go wrong when everything is at your fingertips and your computer. 

Apple Music. 

Friends, Family.